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Sat, Sep. 23rd, 2006, 08:42 pm

the return of the hockey season!

there is nothing i enjoy more than saying that right now, i love playing hockey, one thing that i've done since i can remember

today was the first league game against letchworth 4s i think, we lost, gutted!


but i played well, all goals can from penelty corners so not to bothered to be honest one i should of got to first but then so should of my pad man, the others were jsut luck or there part

made a few good stops in the air and on the floor mainly on the floor

my arms really hurt from the other day, i've started training with my brother, and hes really bullying me into weight training, but he can lift alot! is nice spending time with him though,and in the long run its good for me too

got start doing my own fitness ie running again, which is hard to get back into

but yer was ment to go to the dta 1st bday today but i'm to tired, gonna fall asleep in funk i reckon