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Sat, Sep. 30th, 2006, 08:29 pm

hockey time

we drew 2-2 i let in 2 annoying goals shot from distance and through a million people then so i reacted to slow, gutted

on the other hand played the end part of the game in a thunder storm which was great, my kit is dripping off in the bath as we speak great


saw dan the other day at 93ft east, he was amazing as always! first time in london with a full band, or what i know of anyway. yer well he was great, played lots of old and new, i felt like bit of a stalker as i knew all the words and stuff, but had lots of fun, hes such a great musican and a nice bloke to add

going to see him in oct as well

got a promo of his album through today aswell its amazing, but you know i'd say that

all is good in general, off to funk now see how it goes init