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Thu, Oct. 5th, 2006, 03:10 pm

my life right now is strange, i have everything i want but i still feel a bit lost kinda in a floating kinda way

all i do with my life at the mo, is work on bride, dj, flyer and train for hockey, and its amazing, i've never had so much time for just me, but i still fell strange

trying to fill voids i guess people coming and going, but i've neer felt like this before, i think its the first time in my life ive never had to worry about getting a "proper" job, i make enough money for rent and food, and going out

looking forward to all the good bride stuff thats coming up soon! we've totally reworked "under the rafters" its mental! its a must see! gonna rewrite it as well as its the biggest piece of gash i've ever written. Gary and mark are comin out with riff ideas left right and centre some mental stuff its great! practicing on friday cant wait

Thu, Oct. 5th, 2006 08:40 pm (UTC)

I'm happy for you on the above. You know in the end moving back had it's pro's and cons but it's all worked out if your happy with everything.

Just from last Sunday "Under the rafters" you had allmost turned it from your least good to one of your best! I'm really looking forward to hearing it. I had a walk today and started thinking of ideas for it.