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Sat, Oct. 21st, 2006, 10:32 am

everything is good

i dont "work", but i earn enough to live and do stuff

the last few wks have been intense, and things arent really changing, i enjoy not knowing what i'm doing or where my money comes from, but at the same time i do enjy the safety of home. Even though if i didnt pay rent i'd probably still get kicked out! ha!

this wkend is the wkend of 4hr sleeps

thurs - tapas - me, my brother, ryan vk and kev - blind drunk - sung songs in town! - edge - bed

fri - wait for tv - go town - have a meeting that never happened - go edge - sort some stuff out in and for edge - go home - brother makes dinner - kev eats dinner with brother and myself - go edge - come home

sat - get up - go sainsbury's - buy sandwich stuff - make sandwiches for hockey - have breakfast....

then i'm having a shower, going to play hockey, try and sleep, go to funk, get in

sun - get up for 1030 - go london - see dan sartain - 90%sure with matt(mick) - get battered john and matt(mick) style! which means blind drunk on stella and hopefully meet some nice people/person

monday - sleep all fucking day!

Sun, Oct. 22nd, 2006 01:18 am (UTC)

"god, your life is so hard" - kev :)

thanks for the tunes tonight btw, even tho my dance moves were limited by an indian meal